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This Is Us: Taking Pride in Our Diverse Family

In today’s culture, diversity is a word that is thrown around frequently, especially when it comes to politics and newscasters. It is my belief that there is much more acceptance of diversity than many people [...]

Celebrating Delaware County Foster Families

On Wednesday, May 15, Commissioner Lewis and I attended a celebration of Delaware County Foster Families who work every day to make a difference with children in our county.  It was certainly uplifting to meet [...]

Some Thoughts on President Reagan

It would seem that most Americans and our politicians on both sides of the aisle (or in the middle) agree that Ronald Reagan was one of our finest presidents.  I think this quote is certainly [...]

Smart Growth in Delaware County

  • Mean household income of $126,348 which puts us #1 in Ohio and #9 of all U.S. counties
  • 53.8% of adulet residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher which is 2% more than last year and ranks us #! in Ohio
  • Unemployment is only 3.5% which ties us for the lowest in the state.
  • Home ownership is 81.2% and makes us #1 in Ohio
  • Property tax delinquency rate –a strong measure of economic health — is an all-time low of 1.02%, the second lowest in Ohio
  • For the 4th year in a row we are the healthiest county in Ohio and 12th in the U.S.
  • Last year, 89.6% of our residents donated to charities which also puts us in the tops in Ohio.
  • Finally, both Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s give us dual triple-A credit ratings. That puts us as one of only 80 U.S. counties to hold this distinction.